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          Xuehua Zhang-The Second Hospital of Jilin University

          Xuehua Zhang, Chief Physician, Professor, Master Tutor, Director of the Department of Pain, the Second Hospital of Jilin University, Chairman of the Jilin Provincial Medical Association Pain Branch, Standing Member of the Soft Tissue Pain Branch of the China Association for the Advancement of Chinese Medicine After graduation, he has been engaged in clinical and teaching of orthopedics. In 2002, he established pain department, specializing in pain medical research and clinical diagnosis and treatment of pain. He has deep research in the diagnosis and treatment of neck, shoulder, lumbar and leg pain and neuralgia, and has rich clinical experience. He has mastered superb puncture technology in minimally invasive surgery for chronic refractory pain, and applied local injection therapy and nerve resistance. Stagnation therapy, reversible nerve damage therapy, minimally invasive surgery (ozone ablation) and other methods.

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