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          Dr. Yabing Guo-Southern Medical University Nanfang Hospital

          Dr. Yabing Guo, Education: PhD candidate, Title: Chief physician, professor, master tutor, vice chairman of World Federation of Ozone Therapy. Deputy Director of Center for Infectious Diseases and Liver Diseases, Nanfang Hospital of Guangzhou Southern Medical University, and Deputy Chairman of Infectious Diseases Branch of Guangdong Medical Association. Deputy Chairman of the Hepatitis Committee of the Guangdong Liver Disease Society. Participated in and won the second prize of military science and technology progress twice. In 2003, he led the medical team to support Beijing Xiaotangshan Anti-SARS campaign. Served and completed one each of the National and Guangdong Natural Science Foundation projects, participated in a number of national, military and Guangdong key research projects, and published more than 50 papers. Since 2004, China has taken the lead in carrying out clinical and experimental research on medical ozone treatment of liver diseases.

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