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          Home > Product > Business DivMedical Ozone Therapy Units > Medical Ozone Therapy Units

          Medical Ozone Therapy Units

          Home > Product > Business DivMedical Ozone Therapy Units > Medical Ozone Therapy Units
          1. Medical Ozone Therapy Unit ZAMT-100
          2. Medical Ozone Therapy Unit ZAMT-100
          3. Medical Ozone Therapy Unit ZAMT-100

          Product Name:Medical Ozone Therapy Unit ZAMT-100

          Product Model:ZAMT-100

          1. Introduction
          2. Features & Specifications
          3. Package
          4. Other Info

          • SFDA registered domestic large-scale medical ozone therapy device;

          • Third generation high-tech ozone therapy equipment with function of self-correction of ozone concentration under disturbed parameters of pressure and temperature - a must-have function of the third generation medical ozone therapy devices;

          • Automatic restoration of ozone catalytic reduction system at 60℃ constant temperature and 120℃ programmed heating;

          • Built-in ozone gas temperature and pressure sensor, gas leakage and overpressure protective valve for its safety and effectiveness;

          • Adoption of original German SIEMENS S7 series for the main control system;

          • The efficient and longevity ozone generator adopting advanced German titanium alloy substrate and ceramic plate dielectric surface discharge technology;

          • Model ZAMT-2203 UV LED light source Ozone Concentration Sensor has won national scientific and technological achievements appraisal for its national initiative technology;

          • 18 national patents acquired for each technology of the unit.


          Color touch screen, smart human-computer interaction control panel

          Operations are guided with the help of the text on the display screen to set parameters such as concentration value, measured concentration value, pressure, temperature value, alarm prompt, etc., and display them in real time

          Pressure and temperature compensation function of concentration value to ensure the accuracy of concentration.

          Complete alarm system for too high temperature, pressure, & ozone concentration detector failure

           Rotary-gear oxygen flow meter: The oxygen flow rate is adjusted accurately, safely and conveniently by a rotary wheel. It has common flow rates such as 1.5, 1.0, 0.75, and 0.5 Lmin required for ozone treatment.

          With two-level password protection system to ensure the safe use of equipment

          Three sets of commonly used concentration shortcut keys for easy use, and required concentration value can be modified or set at any time as needed.

          Built-in ozone catalytic reduction system to avoid leakage and air pollution

          Automatic tubing disinfecting & flushing system when turn on/off

          Power supply, oxygen cylinder gang control function: if the oxygen valve is not closed during shutdown, the device will alarm, and the device will automatically shut down after the oxygen is turned off.

          Oxygen-saving function: the oxygen valve in the machine is automatically closed to stop oxygen supply in Standby mode.

          1,000 history records of ozone withdrawal: the time and number of ozone taking operations can be recorded and the files can be consulted randomly, which is convenient for the hospital to manage the equipment.

          Smart syringe port: a syringe can be automatically inflated with a single press without air entering. The port is equipped with a disposable sterile cap to isolate and prevent ozone overflow.

          Continuous ozone taking: put a self-locking adaptor onto the syringe port for automatic ozone output continuously.


          Mains Input: AC220V 50Hz

          Input Oxygen Pressure: 100-150kPa


          Output Ozone Concentration: 5-80mg/L

          Fuse: T2A250V

          Display Error: ≤±3(Maximum Concentration)

          Operating Temperature: +5-+40

          History Records:1000 items

          Relative Humidity: 30~80(No Condensation)

          Size(L*W*H): 620×525×1010mm

          Input Oxygen Flow Range: 0.3-4L/Min

          Weight: 39kg

          Dimensions:674mmx572mmx1130mm        Weight:45kg

          The device should be protected from upside-down, collision and rain during transportation.

          Product Name:ZAMT-100      ZAMT-100 Medical Ozone Therapy Unit

          Company: Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.

          Registration No.: SFDA No. 20183261525

          Copyright 2005-2019, Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.

          Zibo Qianyan Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.  ICP No.:SDICP14007146-1     

          “前沿”is our company’s registered trademark, and our company owns the permanent copyright of “未.jpg", no individual or organization may use them without permission.

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